Aims and Objectives of the Organization

i) To provide and encourage primary education among rural and Tea Tribes without any distinction of caste, creed, religion and gender.
ii) To provide welfare schemes to the poor, widow, destitute women and children of rural tea garden, semi urban and urban areas.
iii)To provide adequate training to the rural youths, women and girls for attaining leadership, discipline, determined and responsible citizen for social and common causes.
iv) To open, form, establish, promote, set up, run, maintain, assist, finance, support and/or help the various community development programmes / activities and also construct and develop the community hall, sanitation, public roads, public cemetery, charitable dispensaries, libraries, reading room, short stay home, rest house and building / institution for use and welfare of the general public.
v) To establish, promote, run, maintain, assist community health centre, day care centre, blood bank, ambulance service, de-addiction cum rehabilitation centre, care and support centre etc. for use and welfare of the general public.
vi) To act as mediator society for micro finance, micro insurance & micro credits linkages and to bridge the gaps between the apex funding agencies, financial institutions, banking organization, development institution etc. and the under privileged people, Self Help Group (SHG)etc. & to procure, promote, take over and carry out insurance activities & act as corporate agent for such activities.
vii) To establish, arrange, implement & construct facilities to develop condition of drinking water, low cost housing, low cost sanitation program in rural semi Urban and Urban areas.
viii) To start, establish, run, take over, arrange &/or manage production centre, vocational training centre, including computer training centre, fine arts, craft, handloom weaving, jute & handicrafts, music, painting, yoga & other vocational, professional and income generation subjects and activities. (Agriculture, animal husbandry, jute, bamboo craft, food processing & preservation etc. )
ix) To conduct, arrange, undertake, organize & implement various kinds of child welfare programmes/ activities, assist and help child labour, labour welfare programmes.
x) To start, maintain, assist, take over programme in relief measure in those parts which are/or become subject to natural calamities like famine, food poisoning, fire, flood, earthquake, cyclone etc. and establish any home, institution or society for the welfare of victims of natural calamities and / or to provide food / shelter to any person from time to time.
xi) To start, establish, arrange, maintain, organize and assist any welfare programme / project for upliftment of disabled, blind and physically handicapped person, street children and orphan.
xii) To implement, arrange, provide, organize, assist medical camps such as health checkup, eye operation camp blood donation camp, mobile health programme, immunization programme, vasectomy, tubectomy, leprosy education, malaria prevention and provide assistance necessary for living to the needy person who are otherwise incapable or handicapped or mentally or physically retarded.
xiii) To open, fund, establish, maintain and assist in leper asylum, old age home, orphan home, and other institutions for providing and helping poor, destitute, elderly person, widow and orphan of all faith and communities.
xiv) To establish, arrange, organize, run agricultural production activities animal husbandry development, fishery development, supply of power tiller, agricultural machinery, tractor, irrigation appliances, seeds, fertilizers etc.
xv) To organize procurement and marketing activities of agricultural, livestock, diary, poultry and ancillary product of the farmers and to construct its own storage facilities and to organize transport facility for the same.
xvi) To organize, foster electronics usage, creation of employment in rural areas through the use of electronic products as well as electronic production, servicing and maintenance in rural areas.
xvii) To implement, organize, monitor, arrange and collaborate in programmes on environmental awareness, forest, wildlife, pollution, environmental degradation, protest against cruelty to animals, creation of social forestry and to develop community and private non-forest waste lands for soil moisture conversation, plantation afforestation, horticulture, floriculture, herbarium and pasture development and other ecological development programmes etc.
xviii) To popularize science & technology and to stimulate temper among people, students, weaker communities, scheduled caste/tribe women and others etc. and development of technology for improving the quality of life through multi sectoral approaches.
xix) To organize, arrange, start, implement, carry on, encourage and assist in promotion of rural/urban small scale industries, various schemes of government and non-government for promoting and management of small scale industries including financial management.
xxi) To implement, establish, arrange, co-operate, organize, assist to run programme on no conventional energy generation, distribution maintenance like solar, garbage energy etc.
xxii) To sell, manage, transfer, exchange, mortgage, demise lease, or let out, dispose of otherwise deal with properties whatever (movable or immovable) belonging to the institution.
xxiii) To open and conduct branches and undertake such other activities for furtherance of all or any of the objects of the institution.
xxiv) To employ or engage experts, agents, consultants in connection with the planning and development of all or any of the objects of the society.
xxv) To receive grants, loans, advances or other money on deposit or otherwise from state/central Government, Banks, Trusts or companies with or without allowances of interest there on.
xxv) To purchase by agreement or to take on lease or under any form of tenancy, any land, building or any other property and to erect such buildings and to execute such other works as may be necessary for the purpose of carrying out its duties and function.
xxvi) To make donations to such persons or institutions as may be necessary at time under welfare measures.
xxvii) All the income, earnings, movable or immovable properties of the society shall be solely utilized and applied towards the promotion of its aims and objects only set forth in the memorandum of society. No profit or in any matter whatsoever to the present or the past members of the society or to any members or to any person claiming through any one or the more of the present or the past members. No members of the society shall make any profits, whatsoever by virtue of his/her membership.